Change is good

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Change is good
« on: 24 Jun 2019, 03:41 pm »
Fellow VSA circlers,

This group has been going for over a decade and I've been the facilitator all this time -- clearly, it's time for a change so I am pleased to announce that Gavin (es347) has agreed to take over from me (though he's no promised to stick with it as long as me :)  I'll still be a member (and an owner of Anni 5s) so keep the community spirit going - this was set up to be the place where fellow owners and interested parties could find a dedicated space to discuss all things VSA in a civil and informative manner.  Albert himself regularly dropped in too. I enjoy the vibe here, so let's keep it going, and thanks to Gavin for stepping up.


Patrick (Delacroix)

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Re: Change is good
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..good to go here but my user name is es347..not 247 😀


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Re: Change is good
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Thanks to you both!  :thumb: