BDP3 running 2.38 firmware cannot update firmware or enter service mode

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Dear Bryston,

I have a BDP3 which works flawlessly as a MPD player from a local 1 TB hard disk.  I am running firmware 2.38 and trying to update to 2.40 to enable Qobuz support.  I appear to be unable to update the firmware or enter the unit into service mode.  Is there anything else I can do? 

Please advise and thank you,



When I had 2.38 on my BDP-pi, I could not run updates.  I don't recall the symptoms, but I think it simply went into never-never land when trying to run an update.  At the time, 2.38 was the latest version available, but I had enough problems that I thought maybe re-application of the update might work.  It didn't.


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Hi John,

You should always reboot the BDP between failed attempts from updating the firmware.  Does the readme file displayed before installing the update display?  You may want to try power cycling your modem and router followed by the BDP.  If it still isn't working there is a network reset (not to be confused by network restart).  You can also check the web portal