Apartment unit fire (not mine) empties building for a few hours

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So the major alarm went off about 11AM. Scared the hell out of my pet birds when the alarm went off. First get them in the cage, Then I go take the car out from under/in the building first thing before... Fire trucks arrive.. Jeez six units show up. (it is a big building). taking the car out in case the whole place goes up in flames. no getting the car out' after'.
Bad sign is the firefighters dragging a hose in the front entrance..
Well one unit, Woman had a candle burning, and knocked it over. So her apartment trashed. burned near windows, flooded, smoke and water damage. She was on first floor, so no one else had water damage from above either.
(No where NEAR the smoke of only other fire in a building I was at previously. there the smoke was so thick, the hallway was pitch black, with the lights on, lucky for me that was floor above mine on the other side.)
Anyway so we all (well over 100 people) are all outside... waiting.
So lucky lucky (for me and everyone else other than the occupant of the burned apt.). the fire was well contained so no effect for anyone else after, other than spraying Febreze all over the hall area near my front door.
The building was built in the 1960's. Like a lot of the buildings, with under the building parking. After a short era of lots of apt buildings like this, most went to outside next to building parking.
Seems the ones like this one have pretty good fire resistance. where I watch (in horror) more modern ones (particularly those with the outside wood porches), they seem to be made to burn down, where the entire roof goes.
I have no idea why. Most likely some cheat in the codes builders found to build cheap, and the roof is too easily burnt up.


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   Glad to hear you are OK. Big scare I'm sure thank goodness no one hurt.


S Clark

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When I was young and just married, our apartment had a fire.  I pulled my stereo outside and put my shotguns in my car.  They put out the fire, but a week later I was burglarized and lost all my stuff.  Fortunately, insurance let me upgrade. 


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Doesn't sound like anyone was hurt which is good news.  Happy to hear you came through it easily, Elizabeth.


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I sprayed the main hall on my floor with Febreze again last night. I could off and on smell the smoke all night. And have been coughing a lot more than usual I run air cleaners all night to help alleviate my minor respiratory problems anyway.  (the floors have a lot of small air gaps in the flooring. I can usually smell strong cooking odors from below, and I know the person who lived in this apartment prior to me, drove the person above insane with bizarre smells of foreign recipes (they had regular cat fights over it, and The guy moving out said it was one of the reasons he was moving. Lucky me I have no such issues with the (same person) tenant above me, since my culinary expertise is frozen pizza, etc. )

Mike B.

Nice to see a happy ending for the majority with a fire.


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Even for the burned apartment dweller, the main damage was limited to the living room window area, and then the overall water and smoke damage. Her bedroom, kitchen entrance area and bath was really smoke damage.
Luckily the fire department did not need to smash her 9 ft wide picture window. The opened the sides, tore off the side screens. but the double hung windows also intact. I think they came in through her front door with the big hose.
I watched a LOT of water pouring down into the garage, still, an hour later. It was lucky she was on the first floor. Otherwise anyone below her would have suffered a ton of water damage. So later on, probably mold damage to the several apts near her under the floor...