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« on: 19 Jun 2019, 07:19 pm »
Greeting to those out there in AudioCircle land.  Finally going to have my dedicated 2-channel audio room after waiting for years.  Finishing the remodel but still need to paint and a few other details over next month.  Installed dedicated circuits for gear and have ASC tube traps for corners and GIK panels for first reflection points on walls/ceiling (may add some diffusion after some time with initial setup).  Probably will stick with tube amp (Mastersound Dueventi and custom EL84 amp) with CD/computer for source but speakers frequently rotate in/out.  Generally looking for camaraderie and to add to my knowledge of music/gear.  Certainly would be nice to find some like minded folks in Arizona.  Thanks.



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Welcome aboard Rick :thumb:
Please note our tube amp Circle:


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Greetings & Welcome to AC Rick   :thumb:

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