Hi I'm rsdno in Eugene Oregon a daughter and 2 grandaughters in Hawaii

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Hi I love Oregon but my wife is in a better place and my Daughter and Grandaughters live in Hawaii ,Captain Cook, they just have a belt highway around the Big Island and VOG (volcanic smog ?) and I'm too old for the beach its about an hour to Florence Or, the beach and about an hour to Sisters an 8000 foot pass in the Cascades if someone would ever take me I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy it feels like when I got third degree burns on over 10 per cent of my body and the nerves came back ,so pain 24/7, it is true I am an evil patient in pain ,I was a RN a couple decades and since my Mom worked for Jet Propulsion Labs (she loved her work so much)and of course my wife and I got married at 16 but it was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me, I miss her, but I love music and have many thousands Flac and more mp3 that I'll convert one day . This looks like a great group Thanks for accepting me. Oh I got a nice DAC Amp for $25 seemed unbelievable but its rugged great amp now they have a DAC Amp that is good up to 500 OHMs and it has an OPA2140 Chip for $ 45, I couldn't afford it but it said only 2 left the Proster 150 OHM was great for $27, but the one I just ordered advertises its DAC AMP when I read it had the OPA2140 by TI if memory serves
 I paid to double $45 for it but 500 OHMs and the company thinks the OPA2140 is for "pre-amp section" well I hope it will do the Sennheiser 598 and the Sony I think M1ra, not the Noise Cancelling one but those were before I turned 65 and have no money anymore,I watch Gaia and History and Nat Geo Discovery and a concert sometimes, now I gotta work on my Speakers  Thanks Again
   PS If I did anything against rules or not apropos please let me know it won't happen again


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Welcome rsdno11 :thumb:


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Hello, rsdno11,

You're not alone in this world nor in Oregon. I'm in Corvallis. There are several more members here who are nearby.

You haven't broken any rules. You'll do just fine.  :thumb:

Welcome to AC. If any of the threads look interesting, add your thoughts to what others have posted. We're really a very welcoming bunch here.



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rsdno11, welcome to the AC!