Anyone want to go in on a 3 pk of Roon lifetime memberships to save $50 (update)

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I'm sold on Roon and was going to get the lifetime membership as my 2 week trial ends tomorrow (Saturday June 1st).

UPDATED - So I kicked over to yearly today, but I have 30 days to cancel.  So, if interested PM me, I could cancel mine it appears and do the gift 3 pack thing still I believe.  Otherwise, I'll just convert to lifetime here in the next 30 days or so... not a huge deal. 

They have a gift "3 pack" that saves you 50 bucks.

Wondering if 2 others would want to go in with me at $449.00 lifetime?

(I would do the subscription and then have you paypal me the $449.00 friends and family).

Hoping a couple trustworthy members would like to save the $50.00.

PM me if interested.
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Update - 6/9/19

All set, two others joined me and we did the 3 pack for lifetime.

Thanks for all that responded!
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