Butcher Block under all the equipment.. exotic wood pen blanks!

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I'm a bit stunned that it worked so well.  Unfortunately, the rest of that branch went into the grill yesterday to cook a steak.  I've got maple underneath my turntables, but nothing under preamps or amps.  Guess I need to get the chain saw and cut some for myself.
I'll have to see if there is a dead mesquite on the property... most has gone for firewood, or it's green. 
Glad it worked, Early!


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Glad some bits of wood improved the sound.
I found another exotic wood site https://wphardwoods.com/
And they have an even larger selection. Where some sites may have ten of some item, this place has 1000. Plus real time how many available. They have an intro video, I suggest watching it. some of the large $5000 slabs are amazing to just see.
Free shipping on turning wood starts at just $150.
I think the site is pretty new, (they just migrated) so many of the pictures of the wood are just stock photos in the turning stock area. But they do seem to be adding real pics here and there. I have just placed an order, but do not know how great or not the wood will be.
Mainly glad someone has success with wood footers.  :thumb:


Awesome thread and some great information! :thumb:

P.S. Yes, that SW1X Dac III Std is Extraordinary  :D