3 way full range with Mark Audio 10p and SB Acoustics tweeter

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Hi Everyone.  I have been playing around with a "new to me" design.  I am looking for some advice on a couple of things...
What I have here is a Eminence Alpha 15a in an H-frame using the Martin King crossover which is around 200hz.

The full range is a Mark Audio 10p on an 18"x18" baffle that has a 2" deep frame on the sides and top.  I really love the natural sound of these drivers on open baffles...I am using a 100uf cap on the MA which should put it around 200hz as well.  Maybe this should be 300hz?  I might also add some L-Pads to adjust the level...

I also have a pair of SB Acoustic SB29 tweeters that I would like to use for the high end.  I was planning on crossing those in around 7000 and using L-pads to control the volume of these.

Would it be okay to simply add the tweeters to the baffle that I already have?  If so, is it okay to place the tweeters an inch above the MA speakers?

Is there anything else that I need to be looking at with these?  Thanks for the help.