AXPONA 2019 wrap-up

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AXPONA 2019 wrap-up
« on: 2 May 2019, 08:23 pm »
As with most shows, it is always nice to meet old friends and make new ones. This year's AXPONA show was no exception.  It was, however, a bit different than most shows in that it was HUGE!  There were over 300 listening rooms at the show, so no single person was likely to visit them all.  For audio web site and magazine publishers, this presents issues since they obviously can't review them all. And, of course, they naturally want to write about their advertisers rooms first (I would if I were them).  So we're very grateful for those who visited our rooms and reported on them.

This year we showed in two rooms - one with Schiit Audio (Song3 BeAT's) and all their newest "Schiit" (including a prototype of their upcoming turntable), and with McGary Audio, Exogal and Anticables in the second room (SS 9.5's). 

Here are some of the comments from the show...

Salk Sound has been quietly building a loyal constituency for as long as I’ve been attending audio shows and this year’s introduction was the SS 9.5 ($9995; the gorgeous fireburst finish at AXPONA costs a few thousand more)...With demonstrator-chosen tracks—Diana Krall, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 (Solti), and Joe Bonamassa (“High Water Everywhere”)—it was obvious that these were profoundly musical speakers likely to please over the long haul.
- Andrew Quint
The Absolute Sound

The 3rd-floor room shared by Schiit and Salk Signature Sound was so crowded the first two times I stopped by that I couldn't listen. But the third time, Béla Fleck's classic "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" was playing, I snagged a second-row seat and liked what I heard. A big, clean sound from an affordable system.
- John Atkinson

This was the McGary Audio and Salk Sound room at AXPONA 2019, and the relatively simple system on exhibit was exceptional in one respect–the appearance of the components. I’m talking mainly about the Salk 9.5 loudspeakers and the McGary Audio SA2 power amp, gorgeous pieces of high-end audio gear that seemed to imply “significant expense.” The sound quality of the room, of course, reinforced the idea that we were listening to such lofty gear.
- Marc Phillips
Part-time Audiophile

Though small in size, these speakers from Salk can really rock, which makes them great for a smaller listening space. At 88dB sensitivity and 8-ohm impedance, the Song3 BeAT’s don’t require a large amplifier to produce a BIG sound.
- The Audio Beatnik

The Salk SONG3 BeAT Speakers were reproducing a great trumpet sound when I sat down, sweet and spitty, like your head has been introduced to the mouth of a trumpet. The tweeter - a beryllium dome design, naturally. I had to ask but was already convinced of the answer. If ya gotta have a dome tweeter, it’s gotta be beryllium, that’s all I’m sayin’.
- AudioRaver
AV Nirvana

The new SS 9.5 is a three-way design with a pair of side mounted passive radiators. Using a Beryllium Satori dome tweeter, an Audio Technology midrange, and a Satori 9.5" woofer, with side mounted passives, this system really speaks with an unforced sense of weight and dynamic involvement.

Listening to their streamer, hearing the first cut from Joe Bonamassa's 2006 release, You & Me, I was taken with how fluid and coherent everything sounded. There was this easy sense of flow, with very good detail and micro dynamic involvement. The system portrayed just the right balance between resolution and bloom and rendered a nice sense of instrumental placement and space.
- Greg Weaver
Enjoy the

In the more, um, budget category the Salk Signature Sound Song 3 BeAT (say that fast, three times), at $4500/pair in black satin or white, $4800/pair in standard veneers, stood out...Also, as is visible there, the Salks were driven (send the kiddies to bed) by a rack full of Schiit electronics. Honest…Schiit was happening in the Salk room.
- Tom Norton
Sound and Vision

Finally, David Robinson of Positive Feedback stopped by and presented us with their Audio Oasis award.  Thanks David!

Sorry if I missed other comments, but this is what I came up with today.

I should also note that we owe a great big thanks to our room partners, without whose input and great products none of this would have been possible.

All in all, it was a great show and we're looking forward to AXPONA 2020!

- Jim


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Re: AXPONA 2019 wrap-up
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Though small in size, these speakers from Salk can really rock, which makes them great for a smaller listening space. At 88dB sensitivity and 8-ohm impedance, the Song3 BeAT’s don’t require a large amplifier to produce a BIG sound.
- The Audio Beatnik

Jim congratulations on the positive reviews, I’m loving your Song3 BeAT’s.    Small has never crossed my mind as a way to describe these 72 pound speakers.
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Re: AXPONA 2019 wrap-up
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McGary Audio stuff looks very interesting.. Song3A owner..


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Re: AXPONA 2019 wrap-up
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My favorite part about purchasing from Salk is that you get to choose your personal set of speakers from so many different levels... they practically cover any budget, any size, any finish, any caliber.   :thumb:


HT cOz

Re: AXPONA 2019 wrap-up
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Congratulations Jim  :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:


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Re: AXPONA 2019 wrap-up
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"Marc’s Best of Show | AXPONA 2019" from Part-Time Audiophile, about the Salk SS 9.5 with McGary Audio electronics:

“I knew nothing about these two brands before I walked into the room. I stayed in that room for quite a while. Came back once or twice. Just to hear it again.” That’s what I told Brian Hunter about the McGary Audio and Salk Sound room. This was one of those instances where I wanted to check out a brand that has been favorably reviewed here at Part-Time Audiophile, and walked away think “Wow! Why don’t I know about these guys?” The added plus to this room? This was Big System sound for Medium System price.