LampizatOr NA is Proud to Present: Final Touch Audio (FTA cables)

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Every so often a new line of products come along that is just too good to ignore.  Though we've focused primarily on our valve based electronics over the years, a chance exposure to the FTA Callisto USB cable quickly convinced us that this fantastic synergy is precisely the way we want our electronics to be heard. 

After weeks of brainstorming, with our friends overseas we've arranged to be the exclusive USA Dealer for this fantastic line of cables.

For those unaware, Final Touch Audio is a small family operated cable company that makes unbelievably good cables at realistic prices.   To date, every Pacific customer we have sent one of these digital cables to has enthusiastically purchased it and we are confident the same level of enthusiasm will carry over throughout our own line and others as well.

If you're in the market for cables, it would be a sin not to add these handmade beauties to your list.   :thumb:



Hard to tell from website , do they have digital bnc or rca terminated cables? Also no pricing info unless I missed it