Tweaks! Do these work?

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Re: Tweaks! Do these work?
« Reply #20 on: 18 Apr 2020, 06:34 pm »
for any tweak you have four choices:
Try it It works... great
Try it it does not work... too bad.
Read up on it decide the naysayers are right, do not try it.
Read up in it decide the pro tweak folks are right try it: then go to 1/2 again.

One point: itmay be that way in your system today, yes or no. in a few years, that may change.

And a commnet about the tweaks that cannot be (or only with great difficulty or needed expertise)  had cheap... well then do not try those? gee not rocket science. Skip those and do the cheap ones LOL It is not like "If I try one I have to do them ALL..' sorry no.


Re: Tweaks! Do these work?
« Reply #21 on: 18 Apr 2020, 06:43 pm »
Like some people have said, some tweaks work and some are just a waste of time. You need to try for yourself and don’t take anyones word for it.
Before you tweak i say you need to have done everything else to make the system sound good in the first place, tweaks are icing on the cake once you have done everything else first.

Some tweaks that have worked for me are power regenerator, isolation footers, damping plates etc.


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Re: Tweaks! Do these work?
« Reply #22 on: 26 May 2020, 07:23 am »
THERE ARE LOTS OF TWEAKS. It comes down to identifying problems then fixing them
Buy some static remover for clothes then wipe it on the speakers and cables . works a treat.
raise speakers to remove wooly bass.

good luck


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Re: Tweaks! Do these work?
« Reply #23 on: 7 Dec 2020, 01:47 am »
It can be fun and interesting playing around with differrent tweaks, but I find that it's almost like splitting hairs.


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Re: Tweaks! Do these work?
« Reply #24 on: 7 Dec 2020, 02:51 am »
The best tweaks are the simpler,  when I used long power cables I elevated them with coffee múgs tô great effect.