Odyssey Hierarchy? Older monoblocks vs. Extreme+++ and Kismet stereo?

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Just wondering what is the current hierarchy of the Odyssey amplifiers?

There was a post a while back but now I see there are newer upgrades like the Extreme+++ and Kismet so I was wondering where those stack up to the older units and for example how a newer Kismet or Extreme stereo+++ amplifier would compare in performance to a 5-15 or so year old Odyssey monoblock set. 

How significant would the sonic differences likely be on my speaker set (Revel F206) or similar? 

Would a typical non-updated 10 year old Odyssey sound noticeably different from a 5 year old one of the same configuration?  (I have read that components may have changed over the lifetime of each product line)

Also are Odyssey warranties only transferable to the second owner and not subsequent owners?

The older post is below:
Khartago stereo
Stratos stereo
Stratos stereo Extreme
Khartago mono or Dual Mono
Stratos mono
Stratos mono extreme

Newer additions:
Extreme+++ Mono
Extreme+++ Stereo
Kismet Stereo
Kismet Mono


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I should be getting mine back soon-ish and then I'll be able to answer your question with direct knowledge!


Just wondering what is the current hierarchy of the Odyssey amplifiers?

Also are Odyssey warranties only transferable to the second owner and not subsequent owners?
This from the Odyssey warranty related web site:

20 Year Warranty Program: Based on the 18 years history of strong reliability of our products and the German Symphonic Line designs they are based on, we're offering a no-nonsense standard warranty coverage:

  • 20 years for all parts.
  • Labor is inclusive for the first 2 years, and after that time period, we'll be charging a shop rate of $20/hour for registered customers.
  • The above indicated shop rate applies to all repairs that are not covered under the terms of the standard 20 year warranty for all registered owners.
The standard 20 year warranty is transferrable to a second user only, so please keep an extra copy of the warranty registration in a safe place.


Forget about all of the old models of hierarchy...through the years we pretty much exclusively customized 99 % of all amps...(read:  way over 6500 amps all in all !!!!)  So I learned a thing or 2. The reality is that I can make you over 80 different models ,  and I exclusively base it on the speakers, price range,  and the conversation with the customer only.....so, 2 sides of the coin though:  as a customer,  I would go apeshit happy with all of the possible optimizations.  However, trying to figure it out on my own is a nightmare,  I am aware of that....BUT  the good outweighs the bad by far....after all ,  I'm only a call away.
(and please, please please call,  don't email)   

Finally,  complete Kismets with the SL caps (any of them)  is the way to go.....after all,  an amp is just a ps with some electronic parts attached to it....





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I had a 20yr old stratos mono amps, they would lose power when throttled on power hungry speakers.
 BUT, at moderate volume, and critical listening, they were frigging amazing, the highs, lows, mids, were all balanced, thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, Uriah heep, motorhead, mercyful fate, diamond head, spartan warrior, tank, ......even Kreator, accept, Sodom, flotsam & jetsam, venom, onslaught, Hirax, Satan jokers, ADX, ETC ETC,
We’re powerful and the soundstage was full and very enjoyable.

 I’m so looking forward to my upgraded stratos to Kismet+ mono block maps.