Greetings from SoCal (again)

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Greetings from SoCal (again)
« on: 13 Apr 2019, 09:32 pm »
OK, let's try this again...

I sent a fairly long "greetings" post to this Circle earlier today, but I think it may have been lost in the ether.  I'll try again, but will keep this one shorter.  I started my audio habit in the '60's, had a fair setup with a homebuilt Dynaco amp/preamp, a Dual turntable with Stanton 681 cartridge, Revox tape deck, and several pairs of speakers whose names I have long since forgotten (that happens a lot these days), but which were probably not quite in the "audiophile" category.  Most of my listening was on my friends' Bose 901's (which I thought were high end back then), JBL's (I think L100's) and AR's.  Loved Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Who, ELO, ELP, Kinks, Simon & Garfunkel, Janis, Santana... I could go on forever, but you get the idea.  Unfortunately, in the late 70's my job took more and more of my free time, and disco came along, and I just sort of lost interest in audiophilia... 

Fast forward about 40 years, and I thought "when am I ever going to give myself permission to have that great system I wanted when I was young and cash-strapped?  Of course, cash is still an issue, but I SHOULD be able to afford something better than I had then, so I bought a pair of 'high-end' Polks to add to my home theater setup, but it didn't quite get me there... For the last 3 years I've been reading posts on Audiogon and other forums, and slowly trying to chase that elusive perfect sound.  First, I was told it was probably my amp, so I found a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe in good condition -- it DID sound better, but still didn't scratch the itch.  I finally sold the Polks about 3 months ago, and started combing Craigslist looking for their replacements.  So far I've listened to a LOT of speakers; Vandy's, Maggie's, Thiel's, Martin Logan's, Sonus Faber, Piega, and lots of others in the under $3K (used) range... I discovered I really like the sound of ribbons and electrostatics, but the ones I liked best were a little outside my budget.  So I picked up an inexpensive pair of Thiel 1.2's to tide me over until "the right ones" come along.  I've found myself liking the Thiels more than I expected, so I may need to open up my options to include Thiels and possibly other piston driven designs. 

I discovered Audio Circle yesterday, and am looking forward to exchanging posts with as many of you as are interested in contributing to my new obsession!


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Re: Greetings from SoCal (again)
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Greetings & Welcome to AC cheeg   :thumb:

Phil A

Re: Greetings from SoCal (again)
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Re: Greetings from SoCal (again)
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Welcome once again, Cheeg.

I look forward to reading about your audio journey. Mine has been a blast - with a few not so great choices along the way.

I'm pretty happy now though.

What kind of music do you prefer? Digital or vinyl?



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Re: Greetings from SoCal (again)
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Welcome aboard!

Seems like you don't lack money as much as knowledge.  So read up, not just here at AC, on what's happening in audio: speaker types, amplifier developments, and especially digital converters/sources.  Then get out there to listen.  Shows can only offer a veto as to the sound, but hopefully you'll get a chance to speak with the principals.  When visiting shops/friends take your favorite music and take notes to force you to critically listen and stave off fleeting aural memory.  Be sure to take room and setup into account.  Try to develop a decent listening room at home and pick speakers that fit the available space. 

Joining a local audio club can be very helpful.  Be sure to sample a wide variety of gear, especially speakers.  Audio involves playing the part of hunter and lover.  The hunter thirst for shopping, discussing, researching, possibly building, buying, then swapping and repeating it all again.  Hunting is about gear lust, more and bigger is better, showing off his system is supreme.  The lover simply enjoys listening to music.  The audiophile puts the two together in some sort of mix of the best possible recreation of sound to maximize aural enjoyment.  Excessive gear swapping without knowing what you're doing or what you want will lead to frustration. 


Re: Greetings from SoCal (again)
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Welcome to AudioCircle