Hi from NoVA

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Stefan wood

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Hi from NoVA
« on: 13 Apr 2019, 12:52 pm »

I'm a long time reader but never posted until now.  My audiophile journey began when a couple had bought a pair of artworks from me over twenty years ago.  The guy was a former audiophile dealer, and he introduced me to the world of tubes.  He lent me an Acrosound 2020 to pair with an Audible Illusions 2D preamp.  It was hard to go back to a normal stereo after that.  When our friendship faded I moved on to other amps, settling for a Musical Paradise 301 mk3 that gave nothing in sound to what I had borrowed.  I was also playing around with open baffle speakers, and loved the combo of the full range Betsys and Eminence Alpha 15as.  Now I have a 45 tube amp, custom built by a guy in California, with Western Electric 417A tubes and an Amperex rectifier.  Still using the same speakers, and am very happy.  I use a Tisbury passive preamp to split the highs and mid to the Betsya and the low end to a plate amp which connects to the Eminence speakers.  I use a Raspberry Pi with a HifiBerry DAC connected to hard drives for my music.  Very happy!


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Re: Hi from NoVA
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Welcome Stefan :thumb: seems a great system.

Phil A

Re: Hi from NoVA
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Welcome to AC!


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Re: Hi from NoVA
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Greetings & Welcome to AC Stefan   :thumb: