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Price increases posted
« on: 1 Apr 2019, 06:57 pm »
About a month ago we announced that we would need to raise prices as of April 1st.  Well, that time has come.

We thought about this a good deal, as our goal from the very beginning was to offer high quality speakers at the lowest price possible (without going out of business).  This philosophy meant that we could never offer "deals" since there was no extra margin available.  But it also meant that our owners would never pay more than necessary for our speakers.

In thinking about the required price increases, we realized that cabinets finished in a standard satin black, or even white automotive finish, required a bit less labor since no veneering is required. 

Some people prefer satin black for home theater applications.  Others don't care much what finish is on the cabinets, as long as the speakers sound great. So we made the decision to keep pricing exactly as is for black or white speakers, and simply raise prices for standard veneered speakers that require a bit more in labor and materials. 

Hopefully this will be a workable solution.

- Jim


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Re: Price increases posted
« Reply #1 on: 1 Apr 2019, 10:03 pm »
Pricing in line with your actual cost of goods makes business sense.  There is nothing predatory about your pricing practices, especially in light of your openness about communicating future (necessary) price increases.  I received my Song3s in August 2018.  Veneering in Carpathian elm burl added a few hundred to the total cost.  I remarked at the time that these speakers are the best value I have experienced, even though I have landed a few good deals on used Harbeth and demo S-F Amatis.  With the new price, I think my Song3s would probably be around $4K.  The Song3s are NOT a $4,000 speaker.  The value proposition has not changed in re: Salk.  The most expensive thing about owning the Song3s is the upgrades to amp and digital source now under consideration so I can get even more out of them.