The Daedalus ongoing upgrade

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The Daedalus ongoing upgrade
« on: 26 Mar 2019, 01:29 am »

I've been so enamored with the 'house sound' of Daedalus speakers.
The spot on tonality, engaging dynamics, realism, etc.

I recently took possession of my 4th pair of Ulysses

I am listening to John Coltrane's A Love Supreme and Grant Green's Idle Moments

The air around the instruments, players in space in deep isolation, shimmer and decay in the cymbals, overtones on the piano, micro detail and micro dynamics.  Coletrane's notes are more defined and his presence commanding.  Elvin Jones' playing is discernable.

Funny I don't recall Lou shipping me more than one pair of speakers

My latest cartridge upgrade is blowing my mind
Coming through in spades with the Ulysses

each upgrade in the rest of the system showing the true nature  of just what the Daedalus are capable of.

A wonderful thing