Is it Music or Noise Pollution?

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Re: Is it Music or Noise Pollution?
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Mahavishnu Orchestra?

This band/music is new to me. I'll give them a listen when I'm back home. Thank you for mentioning them. :thumb:

In my opinion, the Mahavishnu Orchestra was the most talented band in the world during their short time together, they introduced jazz rock fusion in 1971 with their The Inner Mounting Flame album. Even though I had never heard of them I bought a ticket to their show because I liked Joe Walsh and his band Barnstorm was opening. I probably attended over 100 rock concerts in the 70s and this one was arguably the best in terms of musical intensity, certainly the best guitarist (McLaughlin) and drummer (Cobham) I've ever seen. You may love them or hate them but they're definitely worth checking out.