**SOLD**.OPPO BDP-105D - with fully loaded ($$$$) mods from EVS (aka) Ric Shultz

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Like new - - - very low usage (maybe 20 BluRays) - all original packing and accessories are included (except for the factory HDMI cable)

$1500 (will split PayPal fees and shipping)

This unit has the EVS (Electronic Visionary Systems--Ric Schultz) two-channel board mods, the advanced mods, and the headphone output mods as described at http://tweakaudio.com/EVS-2/Oppo_105_Mods.html (and copied below).

This unit functions as newly modified, is in excellent cosmetic condition, and has never needed repair.

The modifications maintain all the stock features of the BDP-105D except the mods intentionally disable the Toslink digital output for better audio quality.
The other note is the balanced output is 6dB lower than stock, I ran the unit directly into my amp without issue and certainly would not be an issue if you use a preamp.
All other functions work the same as a standard 105D, including the Toslink input

Mods in this player include (descriptions and prices from EVS website):

Mod to 2 channel output board:

1. Change all 8 power supply diodes in the analog linear supply to great sounding soft recovery diodes. This makes the sound more detailed, 3D and more musical.

2. Add two WA Quantum capacitor chips to the two large power supply caps in the analog stage. Way more real and detailed. Add four more small capacitor quantum dots to power supply caps.

3. J-fet buffer output stage for both unbalanced and balanced outs: This zero feedback j-fet buffer output stage is super, super pure sounding. This output stage uses our hand made cascaded current sourced shunt regulator system. Only one fet in the signal path. No I-V converter, no op amps. There is just one resistor, one j-fet and one coupling cap in series with the signal. The resistors are super world class (better than any resistor I have ever heard). The coupling cap is a JB JFX polyprop cap with a WA Quantum dot on it and it is bypassed by my modified Wima .33uf polyprop cap. This output stage is more sonically pure than anything anyone else is doing, including tube/fet stages. The only downside of this output stage is that it puts out just 1V RMS per phase. If you have a preamp then you are fine. However, if you are running the Oppo straight into an amp or into a passive line stage then you might not have enough gain. The loss from stock is 6db.....maybe a couple of o'clocks on the volume knob. This mod gives you modded unbalanced and balanced outs.

4. Add a WA Quantum Semi conductor chip to the two channel DAC. More detailed and real.

5. Change 4 capacitors on the DAC power supply to better caps including 2 modified .33 Wima film caps and also add one WA Quantum chip to one of the caps. Cleaner and more focused and real.

6. Change the DAC clock to low jitter femto clock.

7. Damp regulator heat sinks for way more palpable sound.

There is $98 worth of WA Quantum chips added in this mod.

Price of the 2 channel board mod is currently $700 plus return shipping or free shipping if you just send in the board.

Advanced Mods:

1. Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX installed on AC input. More 3D and pure and clear. $400 installed .

2. Add 4 WA Quantum chips to rectifiers and 4 more WA Quantum chips to some capacitors. Cleaner, purer sound. $100 installed .

3. Change the switching power supply that is used for the main processing board and transport to a linear supply. This makes the imaging and depth much better and allows for much cleaner transients, clarity especially when the music gets dynamic and just plain more real. $400 installed.

4. Add two Mad Scientist Neo Kegs to the AC input and replace AC input wire with Furutech PCOCC wire and the stock IEC with a Shurter IEC. This gets rid of the last "digital grain" and makes it sound more pure. Highly recommended. $90 installed.

5. Black the underside of both CD covers and all around the laser assembly with flat oil based paint. This makes all discs sound warmer, more musical and cleaner. Damp the disc clamp with constrained layer damping material. This makes the sound cleaner, clearer, faster and gives a better tonal balance. Damp the disc clamp holder and the transport cover with constrained layer damping material. Way more natural, pure, detailed and real sounding. Apply AudioMagic Blackout Paint (damps and shields) to the CD tray and then paint over that with conductive black paint. Cleaner and more real. $150.

6. Remove toslink output connector......way more pure sound. Free. You really need to have me do this!

All out two channel balanced and unbalanced only: $530 + $1290 = $1820

Headphone output mod:

Everything I do to the machine except the analog output stage mods makes the headphone output better. My modded Sennheiser 600s sound outrageous playing on the fully modded player However, changing the resistors in the IV converters to really great surface mount resistors, changing the output resistors to a parallel bunch of great surface mount resistors and putting a WA Quantum chip on the output amp really makes a sweet improvement. $50 for this mod .

Modified Oppo 105D
Original accessories (no HDMI cable)
Box and packing

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