[SOLD] Musical Fidelity A300 dual mono integrated amp - recapped/upgraded!

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I've decided to sell my upgraded A300 integrated, as I'm going back to separates, again. It's a beast of an amp and complete overkill for the bedroom, so I'd rather it help fund something else useful. Been my daily driver since November and has performed flawlessly. This is the 2nd A300 I've owned, the first was stock and was used for many years (I really like these amps!). It comes with the remote, owner's manual and original box & packaging. Physically an 8/10.

I'd have to guess the upgrades / recap preformed on this amp are similar to what Musical Fidelity offered through their "Fine Tuning" service that was around years ago (they might still secretly do it :dunno:), and even Parts Connexion's mod service. In short, new audio grade caps all around, even the films. All electrolytic caps (30) were bypassed with film caps, every single one! Most techs would laugh at you if asked to do that, it's a pain in the ass. You won't find another A300 like this one.

See here for a breakdown of work done and internal pics.

Q: So...does it sound better than the stock A300? A: Yep, it sure does.

I won't go into detail, but there's a cult following around their headphone amps and tube buffers, both of which benefit greatly with upgrades of this same nature, and there's plenty of forum discussions about sound differences out there. The results are similar with this amp, just a more enjoyable piece all around after the upgrades.

Quick specs-
Power Output:
150 watts per channel into 8 Ohms
260 watts per channel into 4 Ohms
Inputs: 1 phono (switchable mc/mm), 5 line level
Outputs: Speaker outputs, Tape out, Preamp out
Weight: 35 lbs (un-boxed)

See Owner's Manual > here <

Asking $900 + actual shipping and PayPal fees, from 89117 - Will be shipped in original packaging, with a second box around it. Safe arrival is assured.

Trades, you ask?
I'm on the hunt for a preamp right now, must be < 550 ohm output impedance and silver face. Something to pair with a Pass Labs X150.

Thanks for looking!
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