Noise in volume control.. slowly getting more noise... James...

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I own a bought new in 2010, now nine year old Bryston BP-26 preamp.
Which is left on 24/7 and I use it every day for an average of ten hours a day.  :thumb:

At the end of the day, over the past year or so, when I shut off another tubed device, I 'check' the Bryston volume control (which is in use at exactly the 9 O'Clock position, and moved at most from 8:30 to 9:30  except to turn down for say a phone call) and move it back and forth. Now anywhere moving it away from where it set to, all day, no noise from speakers. But when I wipe it across the area where it WAS set all day I get a slight whoosh whoosh sound as I move it. If I continue to move the knob back and forth this sound gradually goes away. and stays away. as long as the music is not playing through it all day, again. (So the next morning, even though it has been on all night, and even with the other equipment on, like the source set to some other turned on but nothing playing.. the knob will be silent still, even though i wipe across the same heavily used position. But again, after all day in use, again that night the same slight woosh woosh noise is back when I move the knob again over the used position of the knob.
This noise is NOT in the music when playing with the knob not being moved. it is ONLY when moving the knob with no music playing (or very quiet passages) the sound comes through the speakers.. As if some corrosion has formed in the volume control, and I can scrub it away by rotating the knob back and forth (used to be some but is getting to be a lot) Well the 'lot' is getting to be more 'lot' than previously.
SO the question is: can this be 'fixed' with a shot of some spray stuff by my Bryston Dealer? Do I need a new volume control part) also can that be done by my dealer? Is cleaning it with the wiping motions BAD?
It is just a gradual thing, I could easily go for six months as it is.. But eventually it will need attention.
So.. what is the best course of action?


First step would be to clean with some de-oxit spray. Power down, unplug, remove cover and spray volume control with deoxit, turn the volume control a few times to wipe as you say, let dry, replace cover and test.


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I had noisy pot in a opén back tube radio which was made just by dust, once a year I had to clean the pot with freon spray.

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Yes with the power off quickly rotate the volume control back and forth a few times and see if that helps.



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Yes, turning OFF the preamp power, and then rotating the knob is much faster at removing the volume pot noise than with the preamp left on. Thanks!  :thumb: