Bass Traps

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Bass Traps
« on: 25 Feb 2019, 07:29 pm »
I’m about to purchase some GIK products but want to be positive the starting recommendations are well advised.—-
2 -FreeStand Bass Trap© for absorption on side walls ****
2 -Monster Bass Trap w/FRT (Narrow) with Range Limiter in the front ceiling wall corners OR:

— 244 both sides wall corners ceilings 48 by 24.  Either or and mounting for corners.

With 244 you get extra amount in case cieling is needed.

My room is 23.5 by 14
NOW: the main problem I can ascertain is slap echo on operatic voices and a bit on orchestra. I know I need to cover first reflection points and since my right side wall has a 6 by 3 high window possibility in first reflection point range— they advised the 5 feet tall free stand trap above at both first reflection points on side walls.

What I’m wondering is will the monster bass trap ( to put in cieling corners)  take a bit of the “ echo” away that is most notable in the room along with bass correction. I have a carpet covering whole floor so I need absorption of slap echo but don’t want to ‘deaden ‘ room Too Much?
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Thanks for help


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Re: Bass Traps
« Reply #1 on: 26 Feb 2019, 12:10 am »
Hello, Howard.

Welcome to AC!

I'm sorry to tell you that this post is in the wrong circle/thread. Your post will be relocated to the appropriate circle by one of the admins once they see it (which will be very soon).

BTW I'm in the market for bass traps, too.


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Re: Bass Traps
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Re: Bass Traps
« Reply #3 on: 28 Feb 2019, 12:23 am »
Howard, If you are about to purchase some products, why not ask GIK to draw up a treatment plan for your room?  I believe whatever fee they charge will be credited against your first purchase.

Even if you don't buy everything they recommend, a plan will give you some ideas.

My big three in treating a room are:

1. Enough absorption/diffusion to eliminate slap echo everywhere
2. Absorption at 1st reflection points, at least on sidewalls and maybe also ceiling
3. Bass traps in corners to reduce boom and hangover

I like to use products (like GIK Alpha panels) that will provide absorption and diffusion. If you use a lot of pure absorption, it can deaden the room too much, as you noted.

Yes, bass traps typically will reduce echo.

Hope that helps!


Re: Bass Traps
« Reply #4 on: 28 Feb 2019, 06:14 pm »
Most people don't realise they need proper bass traps until they use them. By proper I'm talking about GIK Soffit Traps. Get the bass right, or at least better - more smooth - and the rest of the frequencies sound better too.

Bass traps on the side walls are not as effective for bass as placing them in the corners and seem to me a bit over the top for just side wall reflections. I use 242 panels on feet for side wall reflections. I'm unusual in that I use them right close to the outside of each speaker.

For bass control I use Soffit Traps in the wall-wall and ceiling-wall corners. It's true the ones I have are broadband absorbers but their latest products can be a bit more specific. These, or the slightly less effective Tri-Traps can be used. You can also use Monster traps diagonally across the corners but I believe they are less effective. The bigger these absorbers are the deeper the bass they absorb. GIK has some test measurements on their site that allow you to compare. If you buy, say four bass traps you can place them in the four floor wall-wall corners, or two in each of the front corners, one on top of the other - assuming your room is 8' high.

In my case GIK gave me help at no cost in the hope of selling products to me, which they did!


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Re: Bass Traps
« Reply #5 on: 23 Mar 2019, 05:12 pm »
I don't work for GIK any more but I am a dealer.  Sorry for not being around much for a while.

Any full range treatment will help with the 'echo' somewhat.  High on the walls is a good place to help with slap and flutter echo since there is nothing up there to help scatter or absorb like there is down lower (carpet, people, furniture, etc.)  Diffusion is also an option if you don't want to deaden the room any more. 

Overall I would need to know a bit more about your room overall, your speakers, etc. to make more specific recommendations.