Attenuation for Modwright Transporter?

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Attenuation for Modwright Transporter?
« on: 24 Feb 2019, 10:13 pm »
Yup, the Transporter. I may not be up to date, but at least I'm faithful!

Anyway, I tried using the attenuation jumpers inside by the RCA outputs, but I don't think they are attenuating anything. from 0 to 30db, I'm still at about 70-80 on volume. Did the modwright mod bypass the attenuation? If so, is there another way I can attenuate it so I can keep it near 100% digital? I  noticed a resister connecting to the new RCAs--is it possible to change that value to attenuate?


Edit: I just found this from ted_b:
As posted earlier, if you speaking about the MW TP (as the original poster did) then the analog attenuators (jumpers) are no longer available.  They are for the stock TP (but then again I personally dislike the stock TP as being unmusical).  Dan transformed a beast into a beauty.  :(

Rats! So...can I add analog attentuation somehow? I don't want to add a manual control--I use the Logitech Media Server and want to keep the remote volume control, just get the volume up toward 100%.