Off-Ramp 6 may be coming soon

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Off-Ramp 6 may be coming soon
« on: 20 Feb 2019, 02:18 am »
I have had the Off-Ramp 6 XMOS USB converter in my system for a while and it sounds wonderful with 44.1 and 96 tracks, but it seemed to malfunction with 192 tracks.  Turns-out that a friend brought over his XMOS USB converter because he wanted to hear it in my system and make bench measurements on it.  He also brought a Singxer USB converter.   The Off-Ramp 6 crushed them, but none of them would work at 192 with my DAC, so I believe the problem is my DACs S/PDIF input, not the Off-Ramp 6.

As a result, I plan to do another spin of the Off-Ramp 6 USB interface board and start production on the Off-Ramp 6.  I recently got a SOtM USB regenerator and two Wireworld Platinum USB cables.  This configuration now beats my best Ethernet.  I would not have thought it possible, but it's even more 3D and live sounding than Ethernet, at least using Amarra for playback app.  Both interfaces deliver 10psec of jitter over a 4-foot coax cable.  I still have the SOtM Switch to try on my Ethernet though, so that may bring Ethernet on-par with USB.

I have updated my recommended systems on website to include the optimum Ethernet and USB configurations and all associated products and cables, many from other companies. Check it out:

Steve N.
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