Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme Dual Mono Power amp

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Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme Dual Mono Power amp
« on: 16 Feb 2019, 08:21 pm »
For Sale: The Odyssey Audio Stratos Solid State Power Amp. Purchased by me less than 5 years ago and checked over by Klaus since then. Warranty will be transferable. This has been my primary power for the last three years or so.

This is the Dual Mono Extreme amp. It has two power supplies and two boards, one for each channel. It carries the full compliment of 16 caps, 8 to a side. It's also a beast @ over 70 lbs. Massive heatsinks on both sides. This is NOT what Klaus would consider a Kismet version. But this is the version just prior to the Kismet.

Selling due to a recent acquisition that nullifies my need for this.

Specs Kinda here: http://www.odysseyaudio.com/products-stratos-stereo.html
Klaus no longer sells (but he does support) the dual mono amps.
Here's the monoblocks: http://www.odysseyaudio.com/products-stratos-mono.html

Price is $1800 shipped/insured, you pay fee's if applicable. I do accept and prefer paypal friends/family. I just shipped a similar one so my cost is about $100 to ship and insure.

I'll also include two heavy 14g power cords.


Re: Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme Dual Mono Power amp
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Bump , $1600 now