Odyssey Audio Candela tubed Preamp

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Odyssey Audio Candela tubed Preamp
« on: 16 Feb 2019, 08:15 pm »
For Sale: The Odyssey Audio Candela Preamp. Purchased new from Odyssey Audio by me less than 5 years ago. Warranty should be transferable - if need be I can check with Klaus. (caps were changed but he's pretty easy to work with).

Selling due to a recent acquisition that nullifies my need for this.

Price is $1200 shipped/insured, you pay fee's if applicable. I do accept and prefer paypal friends/family.

Specs here: http://www.odysseyaudio.com/products-candela.html

This does have the optional 2nd outputs installed and the HT bypass works as an HT bypass (volume is controlled by the source, not the pre). The Odyssey logo lights up perfectly. The remote works and will be included.

The original case is no longer available but I'm sure Klaus would sell one if you really wanted it. This one has a custom made solid walnut cover with a cutout so that the tubes can vent and you can use the taller, E80CC tubes in it.

I've replaced the standard Sonic Craft caps in it with Clarity Cap MR's. Same value, I just like the Clarity's better.

I'll provide IERC tube covers if you would like (shown in a couple of the pictures). If you're interested please specify you'd like these. They do cover the faint glow of a 12AU7 that you can see through the window.

I've used some sound damping material throughout the case. I've also packed the new caps in to eliminate any vibrations.

The included tubes will be RCA clear tops.


Re: Odyssey Audio Candela tubed Preamp
« Reply #1 on: 23 Feb 2019, 03:34 pm »
Bump - now $1100