My C&C garage sale backpatio system

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My C&C garage sale backpatio system
« on: 12 Feb 2019, 12:26 am »
Finally got around to reading thecheap and cheerful posts and found some kindred spirits.
My system, all fromgarage sales, includes:
Pioneer VSX-D512 AV receiver 120W x 5 channel (probably peak or music power doubt if it is RMS/channel.
As I use it only as a 2channel amp I think the power supply shouldbe adequate😌 $10 as volume  knob was loose-easily fixed with bamboo skewer and super glue. BTW Antenna is auto rubber ducky coil-loaded FM whip provides adequate S/N ratio on FM. AM requires minimum four foot wire draped around.
Good thing about it is coaxial or optical digital IN to 96khz/24 bit DAC. FM or AM radio with memory presets.
Oh yeah it also has digital redout of attenuation in dB. -92 to normal listening level -52dB. Good FM and AM sensitivity/selectivity. Inbuilt DAC no complaints driven from Denon CD, no noise and good bass and treble.

DENON DCD-735 CDplayer used as  transport, optical OUT to receiver $20 can control volume of analog RCA outs via remote control., but I prefer digital OUT via optical.

Yamaha NX-E700 two-way bass reflex speakers, smooth and  good down to below 80hz with bass boosted by controls on receiver or using loudness switch at lower  listening levels. $10/pair

Yamaha YST-SW205 8" speaker subwoofer auto turnon with signal supplied by speaker level from two ways. High cut set at about 80-100 hz. Selector set at "Music" rather than "movie" volume set until lows are just heard from sub. If too loud you hear that doof-doof bass that you hear from cars at traffic light😤 In other words one-note. Most of the time I leave it almost off. Price gasp) $40
So basic system $40, enhanced with sub $80. BTW . I have tried with iPod earphone out to RCA analog into receiver playing Apple lossless and hi-res audio file 24/96 and it soundsbetter than CD. Havenot tried it with digital out from ipod using dock. Long live garage sales or school orchurch trash&treasure. Ihavefound goodwill stores and online are often overpriced and items not as represented. There is no substitute for seeing (even better hearing) in person.
Ozzi btw all prices in Australian dollars US viewers subtract 25% 🤑