Music streaming (correct area?)

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Music streaming (correct area?)
« on: 11 Feb 2019, 03:51 pm »
Still learning and I wasn't sure If this was the correct area for a discussion of different music streaming services, like Pandora etc.
Theres subscriptions and also free but I'm trying learn a bit more If you could share your knowledge it would be appreciated.
If this isn't the correct area, just let me know where to post it please.


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Re: Music streaming (correct area?)
« Reply #1 on: 11 Feb 2019, 06:02 pm »
I LOVE Tidal! I've been a subscriber for well over a year and I pay the $20 a month for the Hi-Fi resolution and it is superb! I have all my artist in my favorites and I set up many playlist because I like playing shuffle play with my music. It takes time setting all this up, but it's has been well worth it to me.  :D