B-P-T CPC (Special Edition)

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B-P-T CPC (Special Edition)
« on: 10 Feb 2019, 10:33 pm »
I am selling my B-P-T CPC (Special Edition) that I am no longer using since I sold my secondary system.  I am the original owner. 

Here is the info I found on the internet pertaining to the CPC:

The Model CPC Clean Power Center is a power extension base to add multiple outlets for expanding A/V systems. This is no ordinary power strip but sports the same heavy construction and quality featured in our Ultra Power Isolators, minus the isolation transformer. Think 15 lbs. power strip [compare that to the competition!] with 14-gauge steel case, 10 hospital-grade outlets, 10-gauge silver/copper/Teflon wiring, removable power cord, spike/surge protection, on/off thermal switch, heavy case damping, high-quality Polypropylene filter network on each duplex for component isolation and silver solder throughout.

But, this unit does have a 2.5 A LoNo isolation transformer connected to two of the high quality power outlets. This is similar to one of the other available units the BP Junior II. So the two outlets with balanced power " incorporates one 2.5-amp LoNo transformer for CD/DVD players, digital processors, turntables, preamp, headphone amps or video electronics".

The other 3 high quality outlet are hooked up in the usual fashion to the BPT Ultra Power Isolator, for non current limited clean power.

Asking $250 plus actual shipping changes.  I will split the Paypal fees and charge actual shipping costs.