SOLD. Eastern Electric Minimax Preamp + $500 of Tubes to Roll

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This is the original, like new Minimax Preamplifier, has served me well for years, no performance issues. Not a single bad word or bad review about this little jewel. Just Google it or check this link:

This is a tube-rollers dream as the sound can be noticeably changed by different tubes and swapping tubes in and out is a snap. The product takes a 6x4 type as the rectifier and 12AU7's in the buffer and output sections. The buffer can also take 12AT7 types as well as E80CC, 12BH7 and a host of others.
I am including approx $500US worth of tubes - not interested in selling the Minimax without these as I don't want to list and ship 10 separate tubes.

Tubes included are ... 3 factory stock tubes that came with it (Chinese),
1 Mullard 6x4/EZ90 (bought $50, with 150 hrs use),
1 NOS RadioElectronique 6x4 (bought $40, new),
2 NOS Mullard M8136/CV4003 wrinkle glass (bought $115 each from Upscale,
2 NOS Brimar CV4003 (bought $80 each from Upscale,
2 NOS Tungsram E80CC (bought $35 each),
1 NOS RCA 12AT7,
1 NOS RCA 12AU7.

I have original box, manual and power cord.I will include a doc I made that has all the tube options outlined.

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I have a very nice pair of Omega super 3 XRS I would also throw in 100.00
that I would trade for the Eastern Preamp


Thanks but I prefer to stay 6" or larger drivers  :)