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old newbie
« on: 6 Feb 2019, 08:33 pm »
hi all, I'm just an older fart that loves music ( mostly classic rock from the 70's). I enjoy tinkering with my system which is a home theater set-up that I'm looking to transform into also a 2 channel set- up so I'm currently pon hear looking for a stereo amp. I just bought a sterepo pre amp with HT bypass.


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Re: old newbie
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Greetngs & Welcome to AC t.gadoua   :thumb: 

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Re: old newbie
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Welcome to AC!


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Re: old newbie
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What speakers are you running, how big is the room, and how loud (dBs) do you listen?  That will determine the wattage needed.  Note that many speakers exhibit low impedances (measured in ohms) that put extra demands on an amp.  Any interest in tubes?

And of course, what is your budget? 


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Re: old newbie
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Welcome Gadoua :thumb:
What preamp you bought?