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Another Audioholic
« on: 6 Feb 2019, 03:28 pm »
Hey all! Been into listening to music ever since I heard Elvis on my parents old RCA Radio/Turtable. After that me and my dad built a pair of speakers so heavy you could barely move them around. I remeber trying to squeeze the 15 in Woofers into the smallest cabinet possible.
 It was a three way with a 5 or 6 inch mid and Horn tweeter. The crossover was the hardest part, I never did find out who MicroHenry was, but I definitely lost a few hairs over him!
 After getting those built we happened upon Lechmere(long gone) soundroom and it was rattling the floor.They were playing Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. Of course it was a record and it blew me away,not literally but close.
 After that it was trying different Record Cartridges, making great sounding Cassettes with my good old Nak(miss that), and my dads live jazz Reel to Reels.
 So now its CD's that are probably going away, but I'm in the midst of finding someway to put then on USB flash drives.
I have a question about streaming, but rules say I can only have one thread, so I'll wait a bit and then post somewhere about that.


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Re: Another Audioholic
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Welcome!  :beer:


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Re: Another Audioholic
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Welcome to AC, Bsmooth.


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Re: Another Audioholic
« Reply #3 on: 7 Feb 2019, 01:29 pm »

CDs onto flash drives, that's a computer related question.  JohnR had a ripping primer here years ago at the top of the circle thread listing, sorry don't know which circle.  If your library is large, why not just use a hard drive (or the drive in the computer)?  Note that most audio gear can't read passive flash/hard drives without some sort of computer feeding them to the audio gear. 

Streaming is another computer question.  Streaming can be free (YouTube), low cost - $10/month (Spotify), or higher cost - $20/month (Tidal or Qobuz).

Like many here I'm 100% digital, with a library stored on my computer and using Tidal as well.  But I have a mid-fi friend who will never use a computer or CD player and yet is 100% digital.  His only source is the internet (including Tidal) that goes into a Yamaha AV receiver via ethernet that he can control via his phone or any remote in the house.  Very family friendly too.  Prior to the Yamaha he used Chromecast and Node 2.


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Re: Another Audioholic
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Welcome Bsmooth :thumb:

Phil A

Re: Another Audioholic
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Re: Another Audioholic
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Sounds like you had some cool times with your dad Thanks for sharing.
You got a good start with JLM on board (great guy) and I'm sure more will
chime in here.
Welcome to AC and let the games begin.
I'm still in the neanderthal cd period.



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Re: Another Audioholic
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Greetings & Welcome to AC Bsmooth   :thumb: