Anyone have an HT3 center channel in a TV stand/piece of furniture?

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Oops, that should say "my Linns WEREN'T working".  That's what started me down this road. And then my remote must have known what was happening and decided to die.

Oh, and then the Marantz receiver started losing all its programming. I had to reset the wireless, reconfigure the wireless, save the settings, totally reset the Marantz, and redo the settings. 

When it rains, it pours. 


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Why do you believe there's no way to mount the TV on the wall (unless that is just a preference)?

I would have to rerun my HDMI cable to the location on the wall.  Currently, the cable runs at least 20 feet, from a box on the wall near the system, to a box behind the TV.  I would have to then run it up the wall another say 5 feet.  That would mean I'd have to buy a longer HDMI cable, and the nice ones of those are expensive. I think I bought either 20 or 25 feet of BJC Series-1 Belden Bonded-Pair HDMI Cable from here:

To add another 5 feet, I'm looking at close to $100.  And then I have to add the articulating mount, put in a box and route electrical, and my TV is backlit.  That is, I have a backlit LED system on it, which turns on using the USB port, so that also needs electrical.   I'd also have to buy another HDMI cable from the new box to the TV, as the one I have now is pretty long (and also about $25 or so).

So, I'm not against it, it's just a lot of work and cost. At least a day to install, and that doesn't include figuring out what I have now, ordering new materials, etc. 

Phil A

Glad you got something that works for you.  AV furniture is tough as one most adapt it to the room.  In my old house, I finished the basement myself (subbed out some of the work) and was able to build a custom spot for the (Target) rack (recessed into the unfinished part) and other features.


I had to build my own...  put a slight angle on it and some dampeners between the speaker box and furniture.
Maybe repurpose something...  looks like you figured it out.👍