New announcement regarding Electra Cable

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New announcement regarding Electra Cable
« on: 18 Jan 2019, 11:41 pm »
We recently acquired Electra Cable.

They have been building some really good cables for some time now. But they never really pushed them or marketed them. I think we sold more of them they they did. We've had a good relationship with them. They have bought our internal wire and used it in making their speaker cables. And then we sold the cables.  :thumb:

Now, we'll be making the same cables but in house.

And since their site generated very little traffic and ours generates a ton of traffic, we have closed down the Electra Cable site and moved the information about the products to our site.

The cables that we are carrying can be seen here:

The interconnects were actually made elsewhere. While they are really good, and especially good considering the bag for the buck value, I will not be having more of them made. And I have slashed prices to move out the remaining inventory.

The speaker cables are still the best I have ever used. So I will continue to make those available. They represent the best of the best in terms of performance and at reasonable prices. And let's face it, some of the speaker cables out there get up into stupid money levels quite often. These out perform them and my customers can afford them.

I am just going to carry one of the power cables. I bought a bunch of these months back and they were really good. I loaned out a bunch of them and they never returned. Everyone loved them. I'll continue to loan them out. I especially like sending them out to the guys that think wire is wire and that they can't possibly make a difference.  :lol:  It blows their minds.

You guys let me know if you want to try anything out.
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