FS: Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC/preamp, DMP-1 streaming node, PS-5 power supply

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This is a full set of Audio Alchemy digital gear, designed by the well regarded and crazy-haired Peter Madnick. Included are the DDP-1 Digital Decoding Preamp (DAC), the DMP-1 Digital Music Player streaming node, and the PS-5 power supply upgrade.  Asking $1999 plus shipping and paypal. 

At $4185 retail for the set, these punch way above their weight, and are a steal at the asking price of less than 50% retail. Many excellent reviews of the DDP-1 and PS-5 combo are available online. There are fewer reviews available for the DMP-1, but it is an exceptional streaming node for anyone who uses Roon. I found it to have better sound and far better network stability than my Auralic or SOtM gear. It has great synergy with the DDP-1, and both can be powered simultaneously from the PS-5 power supply. You'll achieve the best sound through the included I2S cord - no need for an expensive USB cable. I'd prefer to sell these as a set, but will consider separating if necessary.

I purchased these from an authorized dealer in spring 2018. They all have a few tiny scuffs here and there. They are hard to see; I've upped the contrast on the photos to make them stand out. Alchemy gear sounds wonderful but scuffs at the slightest touch during set up - be warned. I put a felt sticker over one of the LEDs on the DMP-1 to keep the listening room dark; I can leave it there or remove it per your preference.

Shipping is to CONUS or Canada only. Each unit will ship in its own original box. The set will ship from a diplomatic post office address. Standard USPS Priority Mail rates apply, but shipping generally takes somewhat longer than normal - usually around 1-2 weeks to CONUS. See my feedback under the same username at Audiogon and U.S. Audiomart.

Questions welcome, and thanks for looking!