Tempestas, best way to ship

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Tempestas, best way to ship
« on: 4 Jan 2019, 03:50 pm »
I'm getting ready to sell a pair of Tempestas and the buyer is concerned about how to ship them.  They have the original double boxes that Rick used about 6 or 7 years ago.  Whats the safest way to ship in your guys experience.


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Re: Tempestas, best way to ship
« Reply #1 on: 4 Jan 2019, 04:24 pm »
Certainly use the original boxes and packing foam from when they were shipped to you so they don't move inside the box.  I recently shipped a tube amp and an integrated SS amp and I double boxed but the outside box was big enough that I could add 1 1/2" of styrofoam (sheet roofing insulation) between inner and outer boxes.  Both made the journey safely.  I don't think it matters if the RAAL tweeter is vertical or horizontal.  My Ottavo came crated with the speakers on their back.