Nuforce Reference 20 Monoblock Pair Available

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Nuforce Reference 20 Monoblock Pair Available
« on: 26 Dec 2018, 09:57 pm »
Selling my Ref 20's. They come with the $1,500 Bob Smith (TDDS), factory approved upgrades which preserve the original genius circuitry of the 20s yet remove nearly imperceptible RFI, EMI and vibrational distortion, and increase quiet by using increase shielding, high quality copper ribbon wiring and a stabilized power supply. I am original owner purchased 2015, modded 2017. Excellent appearance and perfect mechanically, all original packing. Original retail price $7,600 + $1,500 mods = $9,100. I am selling $3,800 for the monoblock pair. Replaced them with the new Nuprime Evolution Ones. See Trading post for full details
I have been a Nuforce/Nuprime owner since the Reference 9 V2Se came out, what terrific products!

John Casler

Re: Nuforce Reference 20 Monoblock Pair Available
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Knew that would happen.  And we all know how good the modded REF 20 can be.

Says loads about the EVO One