2018 Editors' Choice Buyers Guide - The Occasional: Triode Wire Labs LOVED!

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Triode Pete

From the brainchild of Part Time Audiophile, The Occasional 2018 Editors' Choice Buyers Guide chose Triode Wire Labs Power Cords and Analog Cables in their annual selections for the products "THEY LOVE"! Thank you to all the writers (Marc Phillips, Panagiotis Karavitis, Brian Hunter, Rafe Arnott, Richard H. Mak, Mohammed Samji, Lee Scoggins, Paul Ashby, John Richardson, Eric Franklin Shook, Lee Shelly, Joe Surdna) as well as Publisher Scot Hull!!!


Congratulations as well to my "Partners in Crime"; Vinnie Rossi, Volti Audio, BorderPatrol as well as Harbeth (Fidelis A/V) & Fritz speakers for their inclusion in the Buyer's Guide!

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nature boy

Way to go Pete and Vinnie.😎



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You all deserve it!  Congrats  :thumb:

Vinnie R.

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Thank you, Pete, and congratulations to you, Volti, Border Partrol, Harbeth, and Fritz as well!

Hi Cheytak.408, nature boy, and Folsom, 

Many thanks!

Happy New Year,