FS: Bel Canto DAC/Pre 2.5 e.One 24/192, DSD; PP & Shipping Included $1000

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*High SQ with exceptionally low distortion due to innovative engineering, jitter control, and circuitry.
* The PreAmp function of course has volume control. But you can turn this off if using the DAC only.

*Several Hi Quality Ins & Outs: (See Pics)
Digital Ins: AES x1, SPDIF x 2, USB x1, Tos/opitical x 1
Analog In: RCA pair, converts incoming signal to 24/192
Analog Outs: 1 Pair XLR, 1 Pair RCA (The second pair for a second amp OR for Subwoofer)
--comes with a remote control

**PayPal and Shipping fees INCLUDED if buying at my asking price.

IMO a very underrated DAC/Pre, and certainly a bargain for my low price.

This is a Class D product from Bel Canto that started getting praise for making tube gear in the 80s/90s.
So, Bel Canto creates or "voices" their gear toward the sound with rich timbres, musicality, fast, accurate,
and balanced with deep controlled bass.

But it only requires about 20 watts an hour b/c it is Class D, so its easy on your electric bill.

Basically, this is a 24/192 upsampling DAC, and can convert DSD to analog via DoP,
which has always sounded great to me. (Bel Canto wrote a specific "White Paper" on this,
and it is available on their website". In the White paper, the owner, J. Strongzer basically
says that DOP is just as good if not better than regular DSD processing.
I know it is an ongoing debate, but to each his own. I cant argue with my ears,
DSD recordings sound very very good.

The 2.5 DAC uses a Burr-Brown DAC chip, but I wouldn't know it per se just from listening.
I mean, Burr Brown 1790 series has always sounded good to me in a variety of brands and products.
With its audio engineering , Bel Canto has made the signal very organic, natural sounding, while retaining details and a sense of "space" or soundstage.

At first, I was skeptical of Class D until I tried the Bel Canto DAC about 5 years ago.
I'm selling this 2.5 DAC b/c I now have upgraded to the BC 3.7 DAC. The DAC 2.5 also
has an upgraded internal filtering system (called "LNS1") with the power supply.
Lots of info on this conception on their website- they use it in all of their products.

The analog input also has a high quality ADC/Analogto Dig Converter with hi-res 24/192 conversion.
The signal is then put through the DAC itself, and the result is a clean, analog signal going to
your amp or active speakers.

This DAC can also be used as a Preamp, or not ... it is optional.
DAC has volume control with 1/2 dB increments, so its easy to get the volume just right.

Has Balance control, can use remote to customize names of input channels, etc ... the display will tell you
the resolution of what is incoming into each different channel. You can turn the DAC
face lights off completely- I use this sometimes when I get sick of the LED lights.

I tried to cut and paste the Specs here, but the format was a mess, so I put a picture below that shows
the Specs, or you can go to the Bel Canto Website and it will take you straight to the DAC 2.5
Manual at the BC website.

Will be double boxed for safe shipping.
I will pay the PayPal fees and shipping if the buyer buys at my asking price.
Email with any questions, thanks
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