Kismet monos soon, I hope!!

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Re: Kismet monos soon, I hope!!
« Reply #20 on: 26 Aug 2019, 02:17 am »
Damn and double damn!

 My Mother and her friend had to cancel their Indianapolis trip due to timing and health.

  Klaus said this way he can do finishing touches!and burn them in.
 Which is very much needed to,keep,my new amps reliable

I’m so excited, can hardly contain my excitement.
 I will be benching my Carver sunfire 600 Sig, to listen to the Odyssey monos. And break them in.

E X C I T E D !!!

 all,those years of saving, has paid off. Their paid for and I’m just waiting on time to get them, while Klaus burns them to check for any issues which may occur.
Finally,, wanted to rant about how long I’ve been waiting!and posting in here, and the dream has finally come true.
 Just a matter of time til their in my house warming up.


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Re: Kismet monos soon, I hope!!
« Reply #21 on: 26 Aug 2019, 07:44 pm »
I wish I was this excited about literally anything.