Hi, I'm new here. Need advise to chose btw. Veracity Ht2-TL and Supercharged Son

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Dimitry Anoshin

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I'm new here. Need advise in order to compare Veracity HT2-TL and Supercharged Song Tower.
Thank you all.


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I own both of these models and for me there is no comparison between the two. Although the Supercharged Song Towers have good bass, it is kind of one dimensional. I have tried  using a sub with them and found it hard to integrate. The Ht2's will fill almost any size room with multidimensional full bass. The midrange is a bit warmer on the Ht2's and makes for a more relaxed presentation in general. The sound stage and imaging is also a notch above the SCST. I have used a tube amp on both and it helped the SCST fill out the sound, but still didn't help enough for me to listen to them on a regular basis. I also own SS-10's and have the Ht-2's in the same room. Although the SS-10's are better in every way I still find myself listening to the Ht2's about 1/3 of the time. I have relegated the SCST's to a center and back channel in my av system and they work great there. The only time I would prefer the SCST's to the Ht2's would be in a tiny room or if you didn't want to bother your neighbors.