macOS Mojave

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macOS Mojave
« on: 11 Nov 2018, 05:09 pm »
Anyone have it and your thoughts? Thanks.


Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #1 on: 11 Nov 2018, 05:55 pm »
I like your thinking RPM123, you think like me 8). Never be on the bleeding edge, let others find out the issues first then go in once you know what you are dealing with or the problems are fixed.


Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #2 on: 11 Nov 2018, 06:10 pm »
I have it running on my MBAir.  Works fine and I do like dark mode.  I say go for it. 


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Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #3 on: 11 Nov 2018, 06:48 pm »
Running it on iMac. I like it. No problems and on my computer much faster loading and with internet page changes.


Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #4 on: 11 Nov 2018, 11:26 pm »
Followed instructions on my 12" 2017 MB and it bricked it completely. Would not connect to any network or USB drives to restore from backup. I had to send it back to mother Apple for repair. Stayed on High Sierra for now.


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Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #5 on: 13 Nov 2018, 03:44 am »
Once they work out i’ll the kinks i'll install it…typically i wait till the next one is a month or so out then install the latest update to the one released 11 months earlier.


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Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #6 on: 17 Nov 2018, 02:34 am »
It's nice but I have a bunch of 'go-to' programs that are 32-bit (no longer supported), so I have been putting it off. Don't really 'need' to upgrade, so....

Planet10, Apple has a pretty rigorous public beta program so new OS's are fairly well 'road tested' as a rule before they are released, but I usually wait until the '.1' update anyway.


Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #7 on: 17 Nov 2018, 08:39 pm »
My wife had issues with Mojave.  She had not updated iWorks for years and the old version would not open pages.  She was forced to update pages.  All's well that ends well.


Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #8 on: 18 Nov 2018, 03:52 am »
    Running Mojave 10.14.1 on my mid 2012 13" MacBook Pro for about 3 weeks now. Everything is running smoothly so far. And I really like the "Dark Mode"  8)

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Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #9 on: 21 Nov 2018, 03:25 am »
I've had it for about a week and no issues, well maybe one.  The "News" app which I like, comes pre set to access other app's and "USE" that data and other information. You can use the app's Preferences and disable collection.


Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #10 on: 21 Nov 2018, 03:38 am »
My computer that I purchased new in May runs a lot faster since I upgraded.


Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #11 on: 21 Nov 2018, 04:33 pm »
Amarra, which I use as a Tidal interface, won't run on Mojave without paying for an Amarra upgrade. To Amarra's credit they sent out an email in September, 2018, warning of that and offering a deal on the upgrade.


Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #12 on: 2 Dec 2018, 12:24 pm »
I've been running it on my iMac for a couple weeks now.  I haven't noticed any issues.


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Re: macOS Mojave
« Reply #13 on: 5 Dec 2018, 01:26 am »
I've got it on a 2015 Macbook Pro. So far no problems. Dark mode is my default now. Seems funny in a way. I remember the old days of computers where everything was dark background and bright letters. Then came the cool dark letters on white background, like real paper. Now we're going back. All good fun. I suppose for OLED displays the dark mode can save significant energy.