Cary 100t DAC Relist - Now $600!

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Cary 100t DAC Relist - Now $600!
« on: 9 Nov 2018, 01:13 pm »
Putting this back up for sale after consulting w/ some fellow members about appropriate pricing.

I did find a small nick on the left panel after my 1st listing, however I would still rate the unit 8/10 on the Agon scale b/c it took a flashlight to find it.

My new list price is $650, w/ buyer to pay PayPal and packaging, insurance, and shipping from FedEx (not to exceed $65).  In regards to the shipping, if the actual cost is less than $65, I return the difference, and if more, I will pick up the difference.

Unit will not ship with original box or power cord.  I am including a Shunyata Venom cable (retail $100) and a pair of NOS Ratheon 6922's (retail $90).  The tubes have less than 20 hours on them and tested 8250/9250; 8000/8000 when received.

The DAC was purchased from a Cary authorized dealer and has been used in a smoke free, pet free, kid free environment.  I am selling b/c I lost my "kid free" environment and had to downsize to a desktop set up with headphones.

Product details can be found here:

Please LMK if you have any questions and thanks for looking :)

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Re: Cary 100t DAC Relist - $600
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Bump for price drop to $600!!!!


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Re: Cary 100t DAC Relist - Now $600!
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Hey there-has your dac sold?