Attn Vandersteen owners- Clear Day & FMS speaker cables with Vandy spades

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Up for sale: PRICE DROP!!!

Two complete 8 foot pairs of Clear Day Shotgun (not Double Shotgun) speaker cables. Asking $365 plus shipping.

One pair has spades on amp end and the smaller Vandersteen sized spades on speaker end (specially ordered for Vandersteen barrier strip connectors on their current models) and the other pair has banana plugs on amp end and Vandersteen spades on speaker end. This makes connecting both pairs to an amp very easy. Connectors throughout are high quality silver plated.

I have used these two pairs in full biwire configuration with exceptional results on my Vandersteen 2ce Sig 2s. Having two full pairs of speaker cables each for tweeters and mids is absolutely the best solution for maximum SQ according to Richard Vandersteen, himself, and much experimentation in my system bears this out.

Only after finding a pair of much more expensive biwire cable was I able to beat the Clear Day's performance, and even then the improvements are marginal and subjective. Clear Day solid core silver cables are exceptionally clean sounding, very open and detailed, great dynamics, yet not tipped up in the treble like some silver wire has the reputation for. Also excellent bass and great soundstage/imaging.

I used them with a solid state Odyssey Kismet amp and a tube based pre and have been very happy.
If you are a Vandy owner, these are definitely worth hearing, and the price of entry is relatively small compared to many options out there.

I have two full pairs of Vandersteen compatible FMS WaveGuide 202 biwire speaker cables with full-size spades on amp end, and Vandersteen sized spades on speaker end. They are 10 feet each in length.

Here's some basic info about these wires from Bill Lowe, an early designer for AudioQuest, who developed them...
"The FMS "Grey" SC is from the late 80's. It's very well made with "FMS" helical serve conductors in OFHC enamel coated wire with TPFE tape dialectric. The design was for AudioQuest but our relationship with AQ (1983-1987) ended before the cable was made. AudioStream (Paradigm Loudspeakers) licensed a version the design made with bare copper and sold it as Audiostream Black. Changing the construction from enamel coated to bare copper did not have any sonic penalty, which surprised me (and Bill Low). I kept working on the design with bare copper, and in the early 90's it was manufactured and sold as FMS WaveGuide, first "102" then "202". Many miles of this cable (2-15,000 ft runs and one 25,000 ft. run) have been sold. The "202" is the best of all of them. It is much more transparent (Harry Pearson definition) than the others. This gives it a 3D realism that goes beyond not only the previous versions, but most of what is currently available. I have been in demo rooms and heard 202 embarass $10K cables."

Asking $200 for both pairs of the FMS (full biwire set), not including shipping.

Thanks for looking!

PS- I prefer to not separate either of the above double pairs of cables, due to the unique nature of the Vandersteen spades. Both of these sets are OPTIMAL for Vandy owners for biwiring. If I get no offers, I will then consider selling pairs separately, though mods or adaptors may be necessary for other types of speakers.

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Price dropped to $365.