Purchased an LG UK6090PUA

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Purchased an LG UK6090PUA
« on: 25 Oct 2018, 04:18 am »
Purchased an LG 4K 55"UK6090PUA HDTV to go with my new Yamaha BD-A1060 blu ray universal player for Xmas. I'm really happy with the purchase as the picture quality is superb using the TV series Planet Earth 1/2 on Netflix for reference. With blu ray the picture is outstanding of coarse but concert dvd's such as Rush-Exit Stage Left dts dvd the graininess is smoothed away with the upscaling to 4k.

The thought process went something like this: after comparing Sony NS9100ES to my computer graphics card and finding the Sony substantially better. I debated whether to upgrade computer graphics card to 4k or get a better blu ray player. So I shopped online for 4k graphics card and found them to be quite pricey for what I had in mind. Not wanting to spend that much at this time I decided to go with external blu ray player and found the Yamaha for $300 bucks. However my Sony 2008 48" Bravia HDTV the HDMI was not compatible with the BD-A1060. To solve the problem I realized I needed a newer TV and thus the move to 55" 4k.

Since I have quite a few dvd's and blu ray the Yamaha BD-A1060 was a good choice with much better sound than my cheap Sony player. I find I am watching concert videos more than listening to cd's at this time. And have quite a few dvd movies in my collection that should look good upscaled to 4K. :smoke: