FS: Upgraded Singxer SU-1 USB digital interface with XMOS XU208 ****SOLD*****

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I have for sale a upgraded Singxer SU-1.  I was using with my Holo Spring to provide USB to i2S connection. This definitely was huge step up in performance by providing cleaner i2s direct connection via HDMI.

This unit has the mods recommended in the thread on Computer Audiophile   https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/29553-my-very-mini-review-of-the-singxer-su-1-ddc/

Ultra low noise Sparkos voltage regulator and all the caps replaced with recommended replacements.  These mods yielded a nice bump in performance but the biggest mod by far was the DC conversion kit from Kitsume which bypasses the internal PS and allows you use the 5v PS of your choice.   https://kitsunehifi.com/product/singxer-su-1-dc-power-conversion-kit-kitsunehifi-2-1mmx5-5mm/

The least expensive option is battery powered cell phone charger or 5v linear power supply of choice. The unit can be easily converted back to original PS if you choose.

Asking $300 buyer pays shipping. Original owner excellent condition.     **********SOLD****************

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Is the I2s connection on this unit configured for use with the Wyred 4 Sound Dac?


Sent you a pm. My DAC accepted i2s over HDMI, I just had to toggle on the DAC to i2s input.


Still available.............