FS: Digital Amplifier Company (DAC) Stereo Maraschino Integrated Amp (STM)

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For Sale a mint condition Digital Amplifier Company Stereo Maraschino (STM) integrated amplifier.
I'm the original owner purchased from DAC in August 2018.
Selling due to unexpected financial needs.

This STM comes with a 30v transformer the puts out 50w@8ohm, DAC XLR-RCA adaptors,  and was used on my 100db horns with exceptional results.
Upon purchase the STM will be sent to DAC for a "retest and repackaging" DAC will make sure the STM is up to spec and ship to the buyer. The buyer will also have the choice of power transformer, 30v (50w@8ohm) or 48v (125w@8ohm) for no additional charge.

New $1200.00

Asking $950.00 obo         Price includes PayPal Fees and Shipping     USPS Priority Insured

Shipped from 08087

USA ONLY *No International Sales*

All Offers Considered

Call/text 609-709-6792

 Link to product page    https://www.cherryamp.com/product-page/stereo-maraschino-stm

Stereo Times Review    http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/stereo-maraschino-amplifier

DAC Forum                   https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?board=174

Thanks for looking  :D

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FWIW- this is an outstanding amp, probably the best value in a top quality amp with good power.
I listen to mine everyday (48V PS), and it has everything my mono Kings have except the ultimate power and slam.
I suspect Tommy would upgrade to a 60V PS for extra $ if you wanted more cajones.


Jonbee, Thank you for the kind and truthful words. Yes Tommy can upgrade this to a King but that would be between Tommy and the buyer.



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Hey there, guys.  We’ve been hard at work on the Cherry DPA (digital pre-amp) design and a few other things, like the new DAC DAC 2 HSV (analog pot controlled digital attenuation for pre-amp-less systems).

At 30V, Maraschino amps are capable of more than:
    50Wpc into 8Ω
    100Wpc into 4Ω

At 48V, they can output more than:
    125Wpc into 8Ω
    250Wpc into 4Ω

Even though a single power supply is driving both channels in the case of a Stereo Maraschino, the 30V power supply doesn't limit output power !

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