How will this affect streaming music? Good or bad, could anyone guess?

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Take a look at the story from ABC news about music and royalties for artists. Share your opinion...


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It may inspire more young talent. Knowing that if you get a view you are going to pocket some cash. Take Youtube for example: if you get 6 million views at $.10 per view that's $600,000 in your pocket if my math is correct.

Until now artists have probably made nothing from streaming, which they certainly are entitled to if people are viewing and listening to their music. :smoke:


Higher prices and lower quality probably.

Mike B.

I assume the artist streaming  would be required to do original works to get the royalty? Doing a Led Zep song would do what? My point is there are many videos of mostly unknown artists covering famous songs.


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I always thought the artists don't make money on the album but on the touring.

Didn't certain artist give away their music to avoid the headache and just toured?