Subwoofer Connections?

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Subwoofer Connections?
« on: 12 Oct 2018, 02:35 am »
This may sound like a very na├»ve question, but here goes. I am currently running a BP-26 connected to a 4B3 using XLR connections. I would like to add a subwoofer. The normal way seems to be to connect another pair of speaker cables to the power amp outputs and then to the subwoofer speaker (high-level inputs). Would this  drop the impedance to the amplifier to unsafe levels (assuming that the speakers and the subwoofer are nominally rated at 8 ohms)?

Since the subwoofer has its own (built-in) power amp, can I take a feed from the unused BP-26 RCA outputs directly to the subwoofer or is there too much of an impedance mismatch or are there other issues of which I am currently unaware?

If I can do it, the follow-on questions are: Presumably, I should connect the high-level (speaker terminal) inputs on the subwoofer with speaker cables that have RCA connector on the pre-amp end with bare wire or banana plugs on the subwoofer end?

If I use the other input type on the subwoofer (low-level), I assume that it expects a feed from the subwoofer or LFE output of an AV receiver or processor. In this case, is the subwoofer expecting that the frequencies have already been filtered and that it would only be receiving lower frequencies via this input and therefore the signal bypasses the internal crossover?

Thanks in advance from any assistance from the "giant brains" that frequent this discussion group or those that work for Bryston.


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Re: Subwoofer Connections?
« Reply #1 on: 3 Apr 2019, 08:27 am »
(older post, but for those searching the topic...)

If you listen to average volume levels...and your sub has a freq cutoff + volume adjustment (most do), then the BP26's second low-level output(s) go to the subwoofer' line input.
First preamp output to your main amp + speakers
Second preamp output to the Sub's line inputs.
Balanced connections are usually only needed  for long runs, or very noisy environments......not needed if those do not apply.

Use the sub's built-in adjustments, to sound the best with your main speakers.
My personal and widely held opinion is..... keep the sub's volume low. If you can hear the Subwoofer, it should be turned down.