Help with Melco N1A/2 NAS/Server?

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Help with Melco N1A/2 NAS/Server?
« on: 11 Oct 2018, 02:47 am »
I picked up this Melco NAS/Server last weekend, but am having trouble getting it up and running.
I could use some help if anyone knows ...

I'm new to DLNA/UPNP type phone apps, and have spent hours reading the Melco webpages/searching
instructions, about Apps, etc. Come to find out that Melco does not have the biggest support network.

I burned a CD onto the Melco (NAS) HD. I'm just trying to play that FLAC download as a "Direct" ethernet
signal to the Bel Canto Renderer. My ethernet cable runs from the Melco to the Bel Canto Ethernet Renderer.
I downloaded Twonky on my Mac, and Twonky sees the Melco as a "Library", not a "Device/Server".
So then I have an NAS Library, but no Server in the system to play music through.

There are many outdated UPNP Apps that have been suggested on the Melco site,
but many are too old, not available anymore, or just dont work.

E.,G there are 2 Linn Apps with good praise: Kazoo and Kinsky. I tried them both,
but they are looking for Linn devices, so the wheel just spins and spins.
They dont seem to be usable for non-Linn devices?

So I ended up buying a 2.99 app "My Audio Stream" which seemed to get pretty good reviews.
But still, My Audio Stream on my iPhone only identifies the Melco as a NAS Library,
not a Device/Server.

Any help appreciated!
Thanks! Gary

Vincent Kars

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Re: Help with Melco N1A/2 NAS/Server?
« Reply #1 on: 17 Oct 2018, 12:08 pm »
I'm afraid this is by "design"

Read page 20 of their current manual it describes it best there, copy below :

Using Direct Mode

Set the HA-N1 to direct mode if it is directly connected to the Network Audio Player with an Ethernet cable and no other devices are connected to the network. By default, network mode is configured. To configure direct mode, follow the procedure below.


Direct mode is not suitable if your Network Audio Player is operated only via a remote control app on mobile devices.

In direct mode, the HA-N1 will be the DHCP server that assigns an IP address to the Network Audio Player. Routers cannot be used.

Files cannot be copied to the HA-N1 from the computer via the network in direct mode. Use USB devices for file copying instead.