2018 Show System list with prices

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2018 Show System list with prices
« on: 10 Oct 2018, 02:23 am »
Thank You For Visiting 2018 RMAF Room 3002

AudioKinesis speaker sales only direct through James Romeyn and Duke LeJeune (NE of Dallas).  Deduct 10% for AK show system pieces.  Add for FX shipping from Logan, Utah.

Speakers w/System Discount (A La Carte below)

1. Exact show system, two each Azel Stand Mount, SuperStand, Outboard Sub, and sub amps w/“phase quadrature” tuning to minimize bass modes: $9750/8 pieces
2. #1 above minus 1 sub amp: $9400/7 pieces
3. Azel Stand Mount pair + SuperStand pair + 1 sub amp:  $8000/5 pieces
4. SuperStand pair + Outboard Sub pair + 1 sub amp: $4900/5 pieces
5. SuperStand pair + Outboard Sub pair + 2 sub amps: $5250/6 pieces

Speakers A La Carte (system discounts above)

1. Azel Stand Mount: $4800/pr
2. Custom stands for Azel, not shown: $750/pr
3. SuperStand pair comprise 25 Hz sealed subs and 5th Generation Space Generator + 1 sub amp: $3500/3 pieces
4. Outboard Sub pair (powered by SuperStand amp): $1500/pr
5. Outboard Sub pair + 1 sub amp (see “System Discount” above #1 “phase quadrature” note): $1850/3 pieces

Components and Cables

Source: Resonessence premier of “Fluvius” (Latin for “stream”) server/streamer, solid billet alloy CNC chassis $1750
DAC (direct to power amp): Resonessence flagship Invicta Mirus Pro, four 32 bit chips/two differential chips per channel, fully balanced pure class A output, 32 bit digital volume control: $6k
Power amp: Resonessence Projecta stereo, 108/216/432W @ 8/4/2 ohm, 1 ohm minimum, 90 lbs net, pure class A w/sliding bias 35W idle current: $20k

Audience latest flag ship gear: AR 6-TSSOX mains conditioner, frontRow powerChord

Clarity Cable USB, mains, XLR, and speaker cables for Azel and Space Generator (sub cables 14AWG multi-strand OFC).